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Full Name: Casimir
Nicknames: Cassy

Titles: N/A
Race: Nekomata 

Gender: Male

Creation Date: 7/12/2020

Visible Age: Appears to be about 26

Mane: Fluffy and Black

Fur Colour: Black

Eyes: Heterochromatic, Blue and Red

Height: 8 ft | 243 cm

Weight: 790 lbs | 358 kg 

Build: Tall and buff

Place of Residence: Enchanter's Way

Relationship: Married to Myan Devante and Indemira Debussy

Sexual Orientation: Learn in RP


Casimir is an 8 ft/243 cm fall anthro lion with dark gray fur with black striped markings. He takes pride in having a well groomed and fluffy mane as it is one of his core defining features as a male lion. Quite often is seen wearing colourful silks embroidered with golden treads and adorned with gemstones. While he may look quite regal; his foot falls are quiet as his heterochromatic eyes dark about the scene, taking note of valuables and escape routes.


Casimir is an outgoing and friendly individual. He’s quick with his tongue and enjoys striking up a chat. To him a simple conversation can reveal a lot about a person. Even certain intricacies such as how they want to be spoken to and what they want to hear. The lion often uses this knowledge to his advantage.


He is aware of other people’s perception of him. In the past Casimir was more than happy to abuse this perception to get out of extra work or responsibilities. However it quickly became apparent to the feline that the strategy wasn’t going to work long term as he befriended the ruling class of nobility. There were certain expectations and social obligations that the lazy feline had to follow. As such he is learning to become a more dependable person.


The most common source of Casimir’s problems stems from his impulsiveness. He often acts under the mindset of just enjoying the current moment and letting his future self untangle the mess he created. While he does enjoy the occasional thread of chaos, the lion is slowly coming to the realisation that his foolish actions do not only affect him anymore.


Due to being familiar for a long time, there are some quirks and traits he cannot shed. Not only does he find it rather embarrassing, he also carries a mild sense of anxiety not being seen as a real person. As such he finds it really difficult to be open about his past and would rather lie to fill the illusion of being normal.



Naps. Milk. Fish. His family.



Baths are a long and tedious process where nobody likes the smell of a wet lion.



Quick on his feet. Adaptable. His friendly outgoing nature. His glorious mane. Well Connected.



Catnip. Short, dark and voluptuous women. Colourblind. Lazy. 


As for physical weaknesses - Casimir is mortal and will die if he sustains enough damage.

For a full comprehensive list: refer to this document.



Though will never admit it, he does favour Indemira over Myan. He does his best to hide his preference as he knows it would hurt and destroy favourite vulpine.


Casimir was a care-free cat for the longest time. During his time as a familiar, he would see the world pass by him as others always seemed to rush to meet an unachievable goal. Yet each day yielded the same certainties and routines. Regardless of what happens there is always going to be a tomorrow.


On occasion, the nekomata noticed that a string of chaotic events would occur leading to change. What the cause of this chaos was immaterial, as it is an important factor for life to thrive. Casimir often embraces the chaos as he believes that it would lead to an interesting and  beneficial outcome.


However there comes a time in every nekomata’s life where they eventually have to step into the complicated world of people. A part of living is making mistakes and falling short. Yet what separates him from the common beast is owning up and taking responsibility for his own actions.


Mana Regen:

Being born as a magical creature, Casimir regenerates his mana pool at a steady rate. He regains +1 spell cast every 3 turns.


Magic Sense:

Under Zelena’s tutelage, Casimir has learnt the ability to sense and the flow of magic. While this magical sight does not convey everything perfectly, it gives him a rough estimation of what is magical. Using this ability it is impossible to distinguish the intent or the difference between illusion or physical magic. The lion can only sense what is magical 60 ft | 18 m in front of him

Cat Form:

As Casmir was once a familiar, he can assume the form of a domestic cat. This form retains his colouration, markings, eye colour and split tail. In this form, all physical damage is reduced to 1 damage.

The Veil of Death:

(Only works on his home world or in worlds where the souls of the dead linger.)

Being a nekomata Casimir is able to see and converse with the souls of the dead. With this skill he is often able to gain information and insight that would have been lost from this world. However this ability has a hefty emotional toll. These souls that he often interacts with are bitter, confused or sad. Their stories of their demise are graphic and detailed. As such Casimir often tries to ignore them.

Spell List

Soothing Breeze: 

A cool breeze that clears area effects such as poisonous gasses, fog, dust clouds from the battlefield in a 30 ft | 9 m area.  Not effective in closed spaces.


Tempest Swirl:

By controlling the winds around him, Casimir creates a swirl of wind in a 15ft | 5m area that can knock up clouds of dust and debris to reduce visibility and eliminate smell or spread an area affecting spells outwards.



Casimir imbues the blade of his weapon with a chilling frost that lasts for 3 turns. Thus allowing him to substitute his physical damage for cryomancy. When his attack connects opponents also receive a -10% to all damage reduction. This debuff only lasts for 2 turns.

Ice Rink:

With a battlefield covered in water, Casimir uses use his magic to freezes a 30 ft | 9 m area around him.

Ice Bolt:

Casimir fires a 4 ft | 10 cm frozen bolt of magic at his opponents with a range of 80 ft | 24 m. 


Gale Burst:

Using his Zephermancy and sword staff in tandem, Casimir knocks his opponent into the air. His opponents fall to the ground on their turn.


Casimir summons a burst of wind as he strikes with his sword staff to knock down opponents and clear any environmental effects.



Casimir started out life as a simple cat. He hailed from a long pedigree of familiars. Thus making him the perfect companion to a spell caster. Once the young kitten was of age, he was adopted out to a magic professor to serve until the end of his days. Life was simple at first. Playing, napping, food and getting into all sorts of mischief. 


However the simplicity of life only grew more complicated as the professor magically bonded with the cat through a familiar binding ritual. This ritual allowed the caster to use their familiar as an extension of their own will and magic. While this binding magic artificially extended Casimir’s life span it came at a cost. Sometimes he would lose his autonomy, other times he would be the test subject for new experimental magic.


This simple cat was content with life, no matter what happened his master was still there to smother him with affection and treats. Casimir still got to be the cat he was born to be. Much to his owner’s dismay, his cat often escaped the confines of the estate to prowl the streets causing problems with the local female cats.