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Amandine Fleur De'Fluent

Full Name: Amandine Fleur Del'Fluent

Nickname: N/A

Race: Bovinite

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Creation Date: 26/02/2024

Hair Colour: White

Skin Colour: Wine Red

Height: 159 cm | 5’2

Weight: 59 kg | 130 lbs

Residence: Trinity City

Place of Birth: Nirvana

Relationship: Single

Sexual Orientation: Learn in RP

Distinctive Marks: Wears golden jewellery

Affiliations: Eternal House

Theme Song: Click here to listen


Being a tax collector, an image of honesty and integrity is virtual for a successful career. She always double checks the paperwork to ensure accuracy and legitimacy of the documents. Whenever she’s on the job she keeps a professional tone. 


However there are times where her true personality shines through. Amandine is a stuck up, catty woman who seeks to be better than her peers. She relishes the opportunity to gossip. Always secretly judging others for their choices.


While she doesn’t mind showing some skin and curves to show off what her mother gave her. A part of her believes that showing too much skin provides unwarranted attention that could be easily avoided. Those licentious comments fill her with disgust. Such words and thoughts are better served within the bounds of a monogamous marriage.



Amandine thinks that some people see her as unapproachable. She attempts to make puns and jokes as a way to make people feel comfortable around her. While others may state that her puns are terrible. She would denounce their cries as heresy.



Journaling and scrapbooking. She finds the art of writing about the people she knows to be very therapeutic. She writes her innermost thoughts without a filter. Those who would be unfortunate enough to read it, would find paragraphs deframing their personal character.



What she fears the most is transforming in the middle of the land with no bodies of water nearby. In her shark form she finds it hard to breathe on land.



Glamourous, Intelligent, Radiant, Literate, Brave, Observant, Savvy, Sharp.



Amandine is guarded when it comes to her emotional state. As such, she puts on a front of confidence. She is scared of letting her emotions run rampant due it potentially triggering her were-form.


As for physical weaknesses - Amandine is moral and will die if he sustains enough damage.
For a full comprehensive list: please refer to this document.


Short-term Goal:

Amandine admires her mother’s way of words. She one day hopes to emulate Samara’s impeccable take downs.


Long-term Goal:

To earn her Mother’s favour and respect through merit.



She writes major complaints about the people she meets in her journal and would die of embarrassment if someone actually read through it. In order prevent this, she uses her magic to lock her journal from prying eyes.



“Guard the gates, Manipulate the situation, Lead the charge.”


Growing up in the desert held a lot of uncertainty. Amandine was unsure if things were ever going to get better. Rather than giving in to the endless despair of hopelessness, she looked towards her mother with faith that things would be okay. The Sharmoot's wisdom and intelligence were a bright beacon of hope.

In Bovinite culture, everything was earned through merit and hard work. A person did not have the time to become complacent in this competitive environment. Every day, Amandine trained dutifully with her warhammer so that she would have the ability to protect herself in case things went awry. By night, under Sharmoot’s watchful gaze, she would hit the books and study. All to ensure a path forward to success and to become a valuable daughter.

Even in the best of plans, nobody could account for the exodus led by Sharmoot. By her excellence, her chosen people were whisked away to a new land. Amandine couldn’t help but marvel at her mother’s divinity. While they had to rebuild and reconstruct their lives, the young bovine couldn’t help but feel optimistic. The Sharmoot gifted them an opportunity for stability and peace. A second chance.

Brimming with pride and excitement, Amandine wanted to learn more about her mother. She wanted to walk in her mother’s footsteps and be a noble asset to the Eternal House. Without hesitation, Amandine enlisted as a tax collector, traveling the countryside to audit the populace and collect Sharmoot’s tithe.

While many thought the heifer to be an ill-begotten thief, to her it was a noble profession that only the most honest and trustworthy individuals could undertake. While it may be a grueling audit of all the paperwork, Amandine finds the job deeply rewarding.

Racial Abilities:


Being a born a bovinite, Amandine has been gifted with the ability of hearing twice as far as the average human.

Magic Sense:

Amandine has the ability to sense and the flow of magic. While their magical sight does not convey everything perfectly, it gives them a rough estimation. Using this ability it is impossible to distinguish the intent or the difference between illusion or physical magic. She can only see approximately 60ft in front of her.


Bovinites are a strong race as such they can lift two times more than a human. Amandine can currently lift up to 146lbs | 66kg



Amandine can run up to 15 mph

Combat Abilities

War Hammer Proficiency:

Wanting to serve her people and her Mother, Amandine has taken to the war hammer to strike down the ne'er-do-wells.


Being the starry eyed young girl, she admired her mother’s magical prowess. As such she spent her time learning the ways to manipulate the earth around her.

Sling Proficiency:

The sling is an effective, yet simple weapon. She can launch a projectile upwards of 200 ft | 60 m. The perks of being a geomancer allows her to have perfect ammo.

Amethyite Armour:

A beautiful set of heavy armour made out of purple crystals. It sports jagged, crystalline edges that glimmer in the sunlight. It is as resilient as iron and blade resistant. However it is susceptible to blunt force damage.

Morphomancy - Wereshark

Amandine's morphology form is triggered by the feeling of embarrassment. Whenever this emotional state is triggered she triggers into a shark-like beast. The bovine also fears her morphology form. The anxiety of losing her senses to wayward emotions and the unknown of what mess she had to deal with when she came too. The bovine hated it. To her it was a horrible curse that she needed to suppress. To mask her fear she would always tell others that her form was too ‘savage and unlady-like’.

Even as a little child, the dangers of being an aquatic form in the desert was readily apparent. The lack of easily accessible water was a constant source of worry for her. Fortunately for the heifer, the exodus to the Fathomless Expanse was more abundant with water, thus her fears are easing. She is slowly becoming more open to the idea of training her curse.

Currently Amandine is untrained in her wereform, when she shifts she becomes a ravenous animal devoid of reason. In this form she is able to breathe underwater and her swim speed is increased to 25 mph | 46 kph



Using the power of geomancy, Amandine Swings her warhammer upwards and creates 6 ft  | 15 cm stalagmite towards her opponent.

Powder Puff:

Amandine launches a rock with her sling, infused with magic at her opponent that explodes into fine dust that obscures their vision in a 5 ft | 1.5 m radius.

Earth Slide

A geomancer’s staple. Using this technique, Amandine bends the earth to evade, dodge  and reposition her attacks upwards of 15 ft |  5m in a committed direction.

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