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Role Play Sample #3

With the events unfolding, it appeared to the feline that nobody was exactly joyful this morning. Just as expected. The feline simply stood in silence, fighting off a sleepy yawn as Florentina layed down her position of power towards Sukegei. While Casimir didn’t know the exact history of this word, there were enough context clues around to suggest that her position was earnt.

Casimir’s tiredness was soon replaced by annoyance. Florentina’s threats and warnings towards Indemira didn’t sit well with the feline. The tips of his forked tail flicked with displeasure as his facial expression remained blank. He wanted to tell the princess to lay off, but he knew if he wanted to keep his affair a secret he would have to suffer in silence. 

The nekomata glanced over at Silai. Her name sounded familiar, he looked over at Indemira and it finally clicked. This was her employee she spoke about. A part of him wondered if the enchantress was paying the thief a decent wage. Considering the weird situation, Casimir couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. The life of a thief was a hard one, all it took was one misjudgement and she was on her own. 

With Florentina’s instructions of the day, the feline’s ear’s drooped slightly. Wins or losses when the stakes were low were merely a state of mind. Her other threats just highlighted the fact that there wasn’t going to be a day off. Not to mention if he didn’t look busy, the brute of the princess would be ready to step in.

Casimir tilted his head to the side as the two sticks landed on the ground. A mischievous smile lined his face. He wondered what the punishment would be if both of the sticks ended up missing. Perhaps adding more sticks to the equation. However his thoughts of causing mischief were quickly interrupted as Florentina summoned forth a dust cloud and coated the feline with mud.

“It’s going to be one of these days isn’t it?” he said with a sigh. 

Unamused at the situation, the nekomata waved his hand as he summoned forth a breeze to clear away that cloud of dust. A simple technique he picked up from studying magic with Zelena. The magic of this world was vastly different to what he was used to. The core fundamentals were somewhat simple to grasp, provided the teacher was straight forward.

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