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Role Play Sample #2

The differences that each oni possessed were numerous. Whilst Maysoon had her tendrils and soft skin, she couldn’t deny the practical applications that a sturdy chitinous shell would provide. Never having to deal with something simple as a paper cut or having a bad hair day was a huge boon. She couldn’t help but silently wonder if it was possible to dye the exoskeleton different colours.

The squidling nodded as Salmon echoed forth the Ocean Mother’s words. He was right. In a society everyone played their part to further the goals and the prosperity. Yet a gnawing question rolled around in her head. How did the biologically inferior races run their societies? Logically, they couldn’t be uncouth savages. An ecosystem needed everything working together else it would collapse.

“Irregardless if the warlord is impressive or not, it would be an interesting encounter. The task you bear is arduous. Though I have faith that you’ll be successful. Sometimes it can take the prawns numerous lessons to learn the one task. All it takes is some patience.”

It was common for those outside of her craft to inquire about the core basics. It was rather tiresome to have to repeat the basics once yet again. However it was a touching gesture that Salamon wanted to make sure his bases were covered, so she couldn’t get mad at that.

“I wouldn’t worry about the soil preferences. That’s part of the fun. Some plants are sturdy, some only can exist in their niche. What I am most curious about is their food crops that these other cultures grow as I do wish to study them. A good seed is easily identifiable”

Maysoon paused as she stood up straight and grabbed her bag of seagrape seeds with her multicoloured tentacle. Gently she picked up a few of the round, almond shaped seeds and presented them to the ordinator.

“Each species of plant has different looking seeds, but the basic principle is always the same. A good seed will be plump and generally have a rounded appearance. Anything that looks shrivelled and dried out is of no worth. It wouldn’t even make good flour. As long as you keep the seeds dry they should survive the trip. Though I do understand if it is difficult and your mission should always come first.” She explained.

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