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Role Play Sample #1

Casimir was being tutored by the many ghosts around him about the intricacies of the primordial tongue. An ancient language with many intonations, the gurgles of aquan, the crackles of ignan, the wispy breaths of aeran and the deep undertones of terran. To the acid burnt cat, it was surprising how interchangeable some of the words were, even on the first day of practice.

As much as he would have loved to reminisce and wallow in the nostalgia of better days, his new job was more important. Even if he could have weaseled his way out of fighting hungry slimes to be with his family. There was one lesson that he learnt working with the local mafia. Keep family life and work life separate and never intermix them. Lately, that principle is getting harder for him to live by.

“Maybe? I can ask the church tomorrow when I go in for my check up.” She sighed.

As nice as the church was, it definitely had a creepy vibe. Their idea of immorality made her scales crawl and it lived rent free in her mind. The Yuan-ti skeleton conundrum she called it. How exactly would it even move? The conversations she had with the party led to some interesting ideas. Sundrop shook her head to banish the thought from whence it came.

“Anyways. If there isn’t a restaurant nearby there should be a tavern. No matter how small a village is, if there’s nowhere to drink and eat people get unruly.” She recited.

Vivian, sitting on a rock at the edge of town, watched the road like a hawk. With a heavy coin pouch in her pocket, she swayed to and fro impatiently waiting for the time the Traveling merchant will approach.

“I wonder what he will be selling this time.” She muttered to herself excitedly. “Oooh! Maybe some treats from a different land?”

Hours passed until she saw a figure loom over the horizon, a man carrying a heavy bag. Without a moment’s hesitation, Vivian ran up towards the traveling merchant.

“Hello! Did you get anything cool on your travels?” She asked, brimming with enthusiasm.

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