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First Post, First Post!

Welcome everyone to my website where post my characters and their backstories. Despite the fun name of the website, this website is built and hosted by Wix. Not to mention, no weird cookies for you to accept. Can't be safer than that!

Things are going to be a little rocky as I am learning how to use Wix. I have a lot of ideas of what I want to do but with the skills of a novice. Eventually the goal is to move off the the WYSIWYG template, until then it will suffice.

The characters I will first add will be from role playing servers and sites. Most of these characters already have art and backstories written. So they will be easily imported.

Interestingly enough. This may as well be a bit of a fruitless en devour due to the most role play Discords and forums struggling to be able to read. According to some friends of mine. Discord Role Players have about ~0.58% read rate. That's quite depressingly low. I wonder if my website will have a similar statistic.

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