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Maysoon Timanti

Nicknames: May

Titles: N/A

Race: Oni (Squid variant)

Gender: Female

Creation Date: 6/07/2023

Age: 18

Residence: Fathomless Expanse

Occupation: Botanist

Relationship Status: Single

Height: 4’9 | 144cm

Weight: 135lbs | 61kg

Hair: Navy Blue

Skin: Freckled

Eyes: Pink

Economic Status: Moderate

Senses: Water and Night Vision

Martial Style: Mage

Distinctive Marks: Wears a Jellyfish


Listening to sea mother's sermons, one thing stood out to the young oni. That neglecting to take care of the land in favour of greed is a serious grievance. Rather leaving it up to chance that her brother and sisters would take care of the land, she has taken it upon herself to be a voice for nature.

Maysoon has taken the burden upon herself to study more about nature to uncover how her kin could live in harmony with the world that gave them a home. Her dream is to leave a legacy that helps uplift others and improves their quality life.

Personality and Traits

Maysoon is a blunt and coarse individual. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and let others know how she feels or thinks about the situation. When there is something she dislikes she will make her voice known one way or the other. However she can be rather clueless at times and often misses subtle cues.


Her nurturing side comes out when she is interacting with nature. This squidling lights up with excitement when discovering a freshly sprouted plant. Maysoon is truly the happiest when tending to plants.

Racial Abilities

A picture of a Jellfish

Night/water vision: 

The oni are born with special eyes that allow them to see things underwater and to be able to perceive things better in the dark environments.


Underwater breathing: 

Being the people of the sea, Onis have the ability to breathe underwater.


Squid Tendrils:

Being a octopus variant of the oni, Maysoon has 10 tentacles spawning from her back that she can use them to grab and manipulate objects with.

Pleasant Scent: Plumeria

Each oni has their own pleasant scent that they secrete. Maysoon’s signature scent is similar to the Plumeria flower.



Maysoon can lift up to 250 lbs | 113 kg



Being a non combatant, Maysoon can run up to 15 ft | 5 m


Maysoon is not a combative character. She will avoid any physical/magical altercations. When she is left with no other options, she will attempt to fight off any assailant with hydromancy and dazzle them with her photomancy.

Spell List


Maysoon draws forth a bubble of water that she uses as a magnifying glass. Using this in tandem with her photomancy this cephalopod can create a concentrated beam light that is 5 inches | 13 centimeters in diameter. This attack can travel up to 30 feet | 10 metres.


Gentle Rain:

Colsessing the water in the air, Maysoon is able to water gently water plants in a 5 foot | 1.5 metre radius. This ability increases the growing speed of plants up to 10%.

Sunlight’s Kiss:

Some plants just need a little extra sunshine in order to thrive. With gentle glow of light when in the right conditions, Maysoon can increase a plant’s harvest yield by 10%


Blinding Light:

With a blinding flash of light, Maysoon can temporarily blind someone within 15 ft | 5 m for 1 turn.


Party Trick:

Using a ball of water and her photomancy, Maysoon is able to refract the beam of light into a colourful display of colours that fills a 15 ft | 5 m area. Works best in a darkened room.


Maysoon had a relatively normal upbringing. She grew up with her oni siblings listening keenly to her Mother’s sermons. The little squidling could barely grasp all the wisdom that Zelena held. To her, it would take life times to understand all of her teachings. Though one thing was crystal clear to Maysoon, protecting and nurturing nature was going to be important to their survival and longevity as a young species.


The squidling spent many of her formative years growing pretty flowers, kelps and food crops. To her, plant life was positively fascinating. They were so fragile, yet resilient. Each plant has its own role to play in the larger ecosystem. The sea-grasses held in the dirt so that the rain didn’t wash it away and flowers provided food and shelter for all the little critters. Whilst the connections were seemed simple, the budding botanist understood there was much to learn.


The oni knew that she couldn't coast by on her rudimentary knowledge of the vegetation around her. To remedy this, Maysoon enrolled into the academy to deepen her knowledge and understanding on how plants could be cultivated to be more productive and beneficial.


Extra Information

Fun Facts:


  • One of Maysoon's favourite foods is a salad comprised of edible flowers. The colours and aroma of the dish always presents a pleasant surprise.

  • She is based on a bobtail squid

  • Nothing makes her day more than giving her a collection of exotic mystery seeds.

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